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Marlies Knauf riding the Segway HT Jella Knauf gliding with the Segway HT Spontaneous demonstration

Ever since 14 April 2003 passers-by and drivers turn their heads. And most of them have a smile (or is it a smirk) on their lips. Our Segway Human Transporter is probably the first one in Lübeck, maybe even in all of Germany. Many are amazed: What is that thing? Why doesn't it tip over? How expensive? How fast? What range?

Product Information

All such questions have now been answered thousands of times, so that instead of any more lengthy explanations I'll provide you with the relevant links instead:

The official webpages of the manufacturer one can find at A good description of the vehicle's technology is provided by an article from Extreme Tech. Hard-core fans are to be found at and conduct their group-therapy in the Forum located there. Besides this there are videos for all situations, for example for one's first training-ride or trying it out or a professional sales video. Further background information is delivered in the one-hour lecture by Dean Kamen (requires the RealPlayer) at the Harvard Business School's Cyberposium, as well as the book "Code Name Ginger" by Steve Kemper, who observed the Segway's development from August, 1999, until January, 2001, and described the difficulties in forming and financing the start-up company. Whoever wants to know more can check out Gary S. Silver's link-list.

Reporting on Our Experience

Our report is divided into three parts:

Part 1: Acquisition (Order, Payment, Transport, Customs, Assembly)
Part 2: The First Three Months (Training, Demonstration, Inspection by the Police, Media Reports)
Part 3: Months Four Through Twelve (Accident, Bicycle-Computer, Business Card, Places to Purchase)